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Wholesale of non-ferrous metals


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We can offer you from our stocks:sklad medi

Copper Cu-ETP(CW004A)

We can also offer material Cu-OF and Cu-PHC upon your request!

Drawn or extruded

  • Flats
  • Round rods
  • Square rods
  • Hexagonal rods

from electrolytical copper with a purity of 99,9% (Cu-ETP or CW004A acc. to EN 13601). Standard temper half-hard (R250). Edges sharp(SH), rounded(RD) or full rounded(CE). Typical delivered in length of 4,000 mm with a tolerance of -0 / + 100 mm or -0 / +200 mm . Our drawn or extruded products comply to variety of standards: (ČSN) EN 13601, DIN 1787, DIN 1759, DIN 40 500, ČSN 42 3001, ČSN 42 8624 etc.


  • Sheets in thickness from 0,3 to 10mm, format 1000x2000mm
  • Strips in thickness from 0,1 to 4mm in coils

from electrolytical copper with a purity of 99,9% (Cu-ETP or CW004A acc. to EN 1652, 13599).

Aluminium EAl 99,5(EN AW1350A)


  • Flats
  • Round rods

from electrolytical aluminium with a purity of 99.5% (EN AW-1350A acc. to EN 573-3). Typical delivered in length of 3000mm or 6000mm with tolerances of -0/ +50mm. Our drawn products comply to variety of standards: (ČSN) EN 573-3, DIN 1712, DIN 1725, ČSN 42 4004, ČSN 42 7524 etc.

Aluminium AlMgSi0,5


  • Tubes


  • Wires for lightning conductors

We are cooperating directly with the factories, so we can offer a really wide range of products. The origin of the goods is only from the EU! If you did not find your goods in our submenus, please use the inquiry form on the home pagewe will send you an offer with availability and delivery time of goods you want.

Please download the required brochure from our websites. It can be found in section Downloads.