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Production and servicing of mine equipment


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Mine equipment

For the process of deep coal mining, electric power is irreplaceable. Without electric power supplies it is impossible to extract and transport the coal to the surface and to operate any supporting process facility, e.g. water removing, gas ventilation or corridor lighting, as well. Electric power for the entire mine complex is supplied by a surface substation. The power is distributed from this substation to underworkings, mostly through 6 kV distribution wiring. 6 kV ROK6 switchboards are used to distribute the electric power to individual sections. Transformer stations are used to change the voltage level. The final stage shall then include an electric appliance, i.e. a motor in most cases.

Many people consider the ROK6 switchboards and IT3Sb transformer stations as workhorses of the entire mining.

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trafo-1ROK6-QROK mine