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Production and servicing of mine equipment


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6000V switchboard, type ROK6-Q6000 V switchboard, type ROK6-Q

The medium-voltage switchboard, type ROK6-Q is intended for switching on/off the electrical equipment with a nominal line-to-line voltage of 6000 V and a frequency of 50 Hz and designed as an independent unit or in combination with a battery as integral part of the substation with multiple outgoing and incoming feeders.

The ROK6-Q equipment is intended for the use in underground mines, in atmospheres with methane explosion hazard. The power electrical part consists of a busbar system, a lockable incoming-feeder disconnector with removable key, a power vacuum switch, and an outcoming-feeder disconnector with short-circuiting and earthing blades. The equipment shall measure the insulation condition of the outgoing feeder prior to switch-on.

The most important electrical components are made by ABB, i.e. modern protective and control REF615 relays, current-measuring and voltage-measuring transformers, all of them designed for three phases.

Both technical design and reliability of the REF615 protection unit ensure a high level of safety of the protected outgoing feeder and equipment against the effects of short circuits, overcurrents, unbalance of phase currents, and earth leakage currents. Besides, it is also used for real-time monitoring of currents and recording of failure history.

When combined with the MicroSCADA system or any yesther compatible system, it enables to remotely transmit the data, remotely control the on-off switch, and signal its condition. The remote data transmission is ensured using a metallic connection or optical fibres. The ROK6-Q equipment can be controlled and the REF615 protection unit parameters browsed and set also remotely using eight pushbutton and two push-button controllers. Through a visor on the left-hand side of the cover it is possible to read the shown data on the display of the protection device.

The main structural parts of the switchboard include a main chamber with lockable cover secured by means of a ring, a connecting chamber, and a chamber of the incoming-feeder disconnector. In order to open the cover, the ring with bayonet lock shall slightly be turned. The ring can be turned using screw mechanism only when the disconnectors are switched off, and thus the potential-free (dead) condition of the switchboard is ensured prior to opening.

The relief filters installed in the covers closing the chambers ensure that the overpressure surges due to internal short circuit are reduced

Technical specification

Nominal operating voltage 6000V(max. 11500V)
Max. working voltage 7200V
Voltage system IT with insulating earth point, 3x6000V, 50/60Hz
Nominal current 450A
Resistance to internal arcing fault 15kA/0,5s
Breaking capacity of vacuum circuit breaker 16kA, alternatively up to 40kA
Control voltage 3x100V AC, 24V DC
Weight 1060kg
Dimensions 1420x995x1390mm

Communication protocols and remote transmission equipment

Equipment/Protocol 10BASE-TX (el.) 10BASE-FX (opt.) EIA/232/EIA485 (el.) Fibre-optic (opt.)
IEC61850 yes yes - -
MODBUS RTU - - yes yes
MODBUS TCP/IP yes yes - -
DNP3 (serial) - - yes yes
DNP3 TCP/IP yes yes - -


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Documentation and technical data sheet

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