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Electrical installations up to 110kV


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Electrical installations

Within our long-term programme, we provide services in the field of operating the electrical equipment up to 110 kV including metering services. For this purpose, we employ a group of experienced electricians certified for independent activity pursuant to Decree No. 50/78 Coll. that is controlled by electrical engineers with long-term and successful professional experience.

A well-stocked store of electrical material and replacement parts, a motor vehicle fleet, as well as necessary tools and instruments are available to our personnel. For specialized works, we have long-term contractual relations established with authorized testing laboratories equipped with top diagnostic equipment. Our certificates permitting the respective activities cover all qualifications we need to perform the works on the electrical equipment. The aforesaid activities are ensured within a non-stop cycle including services provided by technicians. Our major customers have been using these services for nearly twenty years.

It is primarily the long-term preference by our major customers that speaks out in our favour; when evaluating the offers for equal prices and other terms and conditions, they know we will fulfil our obligations completely and without unnecessary burdening of the customer with the situations that need to be resolved during the contract implementation.


When performing the works within electrical installations of the electrical equipment up to 110 kV, our highly qualified and experienced personnel are, besides common activities, able to resolve difficult tasks associated with reconstructions and repairs of already operated equipment, namely with minimum shutdowns required. In addition, our equipment enables to install electrical distributions required for open-air social and public events.

Electrical installations in dangerous environment

We are qualified for and experienced in the electrical equipment for atmospheres with flammable gas and vapour explosion hazard, especially in the conditions of gassy mines. We have used our experience for the installations made in OKD, as well as for repairs of the mine equipment such as IT3Sb mine transformer stations, ROK 6P switchboards, and others.