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  • Wholesale of wiring material
  • Electrical installations up to 110kV
  • Operation, servicing and maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Production and servicing of mine equipment
  • Wholesale of LG air-conditioning units
  • Wholesale of non-ferrous metals
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Legal form and guarantees

Q-ELEKTRIK a.s. has been operating in the market since 1990, initially as the natural person Karel Ježek Q-ELEKTRIK. Since the scope and volume of its activity had continually increased, the business was gradually transferred to Q-ELEKTRIK a.s. Irrespective of its legal form, the company has remained in the exclusive possession of the family of the former owner, whose members hold both statutory and executive functions. The company business is conducted in own premises containing workshops and storage and selling areas, as well as offices and restrooms. All the necessary mechanization and equipment are available there. All our deliveries are in full compliance with the valid legislation and technical regulations. Every activity we perform is supported by a complete package of applicable permissions and approvals. As one of few companies in the Czech market we have concluded a liability insurance policy for damage up to 100 million CZK. So, the guarantees for the observance of all our obligations we give to our customers are very good indeed.


The continual development of Q-ELEKTRIK in all business areas is certainly worth mentioning. This is evidenced by the new production hall with an area of 2,500 sq. m built in the Q-ELEKTRIK Industrial Zone, in the neighbourhood of the existing premises.

  • In present, the company has about 85 employees and a turnover exceeding 500 million CZK.
  • All employees are continually trained so that our company is able to provide state-of-the-art services.
  • We are also authorized to perform our activities on the equipment subject to the surveillance by the State Mining Administration as well as on vessels.

Scope of business

Wholesale of electrical material

  • specialized wholesale, servicing and consultancy for the product range of low-voltage electrical material (by OEZ, Schneider Electric, Eaton, etc.) -for more information, please refer to section "Wiring material"
  • wholesale of non-ferrous metals for electrical engineering (copper, aluminium, alloys) –for more information, please refer to section "Non-ferrous metals"

Installation and servicing of both LV and HV distribution wiring systems up to 110 kV

  • electrical installations of new LV and HV distribution wiring systems including all related equipment (transformers, substations, control systems ...)
  • design studies of heavy-current distribution systems focused on the economic assessment of investment costs spent
  • removal of HV and LV equipment failures
  • ensuring the operation, maintenance and repairs of HV and LV equipment within a three-shift operation including metering services
  • servicing and repairs of the obsolete equipment (e.g. AR-series circuit-breakers or low-oil-content circuit-breakers), or retrofit installations (a new technology implanted into an old system) -for more information, please refer to section "Electrical installations"

Production and deliveries of LV and HV distribution equipment for underground mines

Q-ELEKTRIK has been operating in the field of deliveries, installations and services for bituminous coal mines and quarries since the very establishment of its predecessor company Karel Ježek Q-ELEKTRIK in 1990. For a period of twenty years we have been providing a "7/24" non-stop emergency service for both active and inactive mines, making repairs of the equipment, and installing the substation, etc.

In 2010, we started manufacturing the medium-voltage switchboards for gassy mines, in 2012 the medium-voltage transformers for gassy mines; in present, we are launching the transmitters for gassy mines onto the market. - for more information, please refer to section "Mining equipment"

Wholesale of LG air-conditioning units and accessories

For several years we have been the largest distributor of the air-conditioning units by LG in the Czech and the Slovak Republics. We have large stocks available, provide technical consultancy, and are very flexible in terms of business. Within supplementary product range, we offer both Cu and Al piping for air-conditioning units and all associated assortment. - for more information, please refer to section "Air-conditioning"

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